Is it healthy to bleed for two days after losing your virginity?

‘Cause I lost it two days ago, and I’m still bleeding quite a bit. Should I call my doctor, or something?

Answer #1

no bleeding shouldnt be going on for more about an hour and especially not 2 days you really do need to get this checked out at the doctors he/she will be able to tell you whats wrong and how to fix it

Answer #2

It, definitely, wouldn’t hurt to get it hecked out, just to make sure everything’s okay.

Answer #3

I would probably say yea, just call and ask if it is normal. I didn’t bleed after I lost mine so I am not 100% sure if it is normal or not. Maby you just started you period or something. Is it real heavy?

Answer #4

go to the doctor thats not normal to bleed that much after

Answer #5

Call a doctor!!!

Answer #6

Nope, it isnt normal to be bleeding heavily. There may be slight spotting at the time but it is definitely not normal 2 days later. Call your doctor.

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