What can cause a period to start, last two days, skip a day, start again, and then stop again (random bleeding)....?

NORMALLY I have an irregular, heavy period… that lasts about 5-7 days. This time, I had a medium period…started 2 days ago, then it skipped a day, then I got it again the next day, then skipped a day again…Sorry, it’s confusing, but basically my period is not one continuous period for 5-7 days like normal…it is a lot of random bleeding… :( What is causing this? BTW, I am not stressed, and I don’t do sports…

Answer #1

are you into sports? that could be one cause. another could be ur on the move alot or stressed. i dont know that happened to my friend she was stressed. sometimes its just plain irregular. dont worry about it, but if you start bleeding all throughout the month, then go see a doctor

Answer #2

I had the same EXACT problem last month.. it was weird. Mine are usually irregular, too.. Normally mine lasts about 3 or 4 days, but last month it did what yours did. But mine wasn’t even medium, it was hardly anything (sorry lol) But anyway, I have been stressed out A LOT lately, so if you have been too, that might be the cause. :) if it happens to me again, I’m going to go to the doctor’s.

Answer #3

You would need to ask a doctor to know for sure. It may be something completely normal - for example, something like that has happened to me, when I think my period has stopped, but then it starts again, and in my case, i think it was because on the day that it stopped, I wasnt very active, and when I resumed my normal activity level the next day, it started again, the same way it slows down when you sleep. It could also be that it wasnt a period, but bleeding from your uterus. Just keep an eye on it, and if it happens again you should see a doctor

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