How much and how long do you bleed after losing your virginity?

Firstly am a virgin. Yesterday my boyfriend fingered me and I noticed a brown substance mixed with blood came out but am not sore. Am not sure if I lost my virginity or not. I did not bleed much but the same substance came out again a few hours after and it stopped. Am confused because am not sure if dats normal or if I lost my virginity by getting fingered.

Answer #1

A lot of people will say that technically you did not lose your virginity. Is it time for your period? You may be experiencing period bleeding. If not, he may have accidentally scraped the vagina wall with his fingernails or gone too deep. The bleeding should be minimal, just a little spotting. It is totally normal and you have nothing to worry about.

Answer #2

you’re still a virgin, you need to have sex to lose it. not oral. otherwise masturbation would be considered as having sex…which isn’t true. I didnt bleed after having sex my first time - it didnt hurt either. it’s likely he was just a little too rough on you or maybe it’s the start of your period.

Answer #3

ok good and ya just a little spotting thats it. thanx ur the only one who’s hast critisised me on my age bu ik tis bad

Answer #4

and dude i did,he was in me.not his fingerslol

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