Is age really a factor?

Ok, So there’s this guy and he is 26 going on 27 in August and I just turned 18 in March but thing is I like him. Well we knew each other for about a year and he was just a friend a really nice and caring friend. He never showed any interest in me until now he says things like imma be his wife and how he loves me sooo much as a person. But I don’t know wether or not I should trust him at first i didn’t like him but now I find my self thinking about him and we never spend a day w/o talking to each other. He’s willing to do so much for me but I don’t know wether or not i really should trust him. My friends including my brother tells me that there is probably something wrong with him if he can’t find someone his own age to be with. But I don’t know I’m tired of feeling this way and I wanna know wether or not I should trust him being that there is a 9 year difference? Some one any one plz help. Because I realy think that I can marry this guy but I don’t wanna make a stupid decision and to tell you the truth I don’t find him attractive I really like him for who he is. Should I enter a relationship with this guy?

Answer #1

9 years difference isn’t a big deal… when you’re older. But 18 and 27 is a little strange. What if he wants to go out to the bar? You can’t go, is he just going to leave you at home while he flirts it up and has a few drinks?

Wait until you’re at least 21 THEN think about marriage to this guy.

Answer #2

10 years difference.. That is quite rare for some people. You may never know if they really love you or not till you actually tract him down. There are ways you may do this. For example, if hes going to a bar alone, stalk him for a bit and see what he does, it will make u feel alot hella better and also see what he is up to.

But heres an advice NEVER EVER GET CAUGHT. 1ce you get caught, you can be in trouble. ‘’ Forgive and Forget, but some things scars you for life ‘’ You are the person in control of this. Think whats best for you

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