Can acid reflux just go away?

can acid refulx just go away I got acid refulx at 18 and im 25 now and for the past month I have ate and drank like a kid again cokes and spicy foods the whole nine yards no acid refulx so is it gone or have I just been lucky?

Answer #1

CrazyDoc Is right,However Once you have Acid Reflux,You have it for Life,So Maybe your Sphincter has Strengthened,But Your still at higher risk of Getting it Again ;]

Answer #2

it can go away with time and age..and it can get worse too…acid reflux is due to reduced action of the lower esophageal sphincter(a muscular band preventing entry of acid into the esophagus).The sphincter can strengthen with time.

Answer #3

What is this “once you have it, you have it for life” business? Acid reflux is a symptom, just like a cough, or a headache, it is not an entity in and of itself. Once you fix the root cause of your symptom, the symptom will go away. A lone symptom without a cause that just lingers forever “once you get it”, makes no sense whatsoever.

And the sphincter weakening also makes no sense. We have rectal sphincters, those don’t just all of a sudden “weaken” one day and result in our asses hanging open uncontrollably, unless one has a degenerative muscle disease.

Please don’t buy into big pharmas lies about indigestion/heartburn being a “lifelong disease”.

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