How does the right to privacy work with a child and parents?

also, how does the right to freedom of speech work in school? I recall being told there was no talking in class >:(

Answer #1

Your parents have a right to know what’s going on in your life, at least until you are eighteen. Different countries/states have different laws and rules regarding going through trash bins and reading diaries in order to ‘stalk’ your child’s life. In regard to your freedom of speech question in schools: When you start school or join a new school, you sign a contract saying you will obey the teacher, not bring weapons to school, wear correct uniform etc etc. Somewhere in that contract there will be something about talking in class.

Answer #2

so r parents allowed to know ur password for online accounts and then access them?

Answer #3

personally i think parents should mind their own business LOL. but they can search anything if they paid for it . my parents never snoop in my room for anything, but they do watch what i do on the computer, UNLESS im on the laptop i bought myself.

Answer #4

Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I’d say since you are almost 16, you’d be entitled to some privacy. I don’t think they can legally force you to give them your password unless they had proof you were doing something illegal or somebody was in danger. But these laws and rules will differ from country to country, state to state.

Answer #5

Some parents are what most teens would like to say “overprotective” or “nosy”, I understand every teen wants their own privacy every once in awhile. Some things weren’t met for sharing with your parents, just for your eyes and your friends. If someone however is endanger or someone is being harm and you behind the cause of it. They have the full right to know.

Some parents don’t want their kids to grow up and leave them. If your parents what to know everything you’re doing in a day and all your passwords/codes to things. You should try to keep your profiles and things clean of any crazy/wild behavior. They just want to know what you’re doing in your life

Answer #6

I think that you have the right to some privacy, but not to complete privacy. For example, you have the right to keep a journal or things you read private, but I don’t think there should be a right to privacy when it comes to your grades, your actions and stuff like that. You do have rights to privacy, but your perents do have all rights to you while you are under 18 so if they decide to look at your password for a social network, or whatever it’s up to them, there is not much you can to against your perents, I think. When it comes to freedom of speech, yes you have the right to talk, but it’s just plain rude to talk to while the teacher is talking or when someone else is traying to work. You can have freedom of speech, but there are some lines that you just don’t cross because it’s common sence.

Answer #7

Where exactly are you getting this right to privacy thing from? It’s not in the constitution. And it does not exist in most cases as far as parents and children under 18 are concerned. There are a few exceptions depending on the state (getting an abo.rtion, getting treatment for a substance abuse problem, etc). As for freedom of speech, perhaps you are a little confused. You do have a right to speak. You do not have a right to break school rules. You can go outside school and speak all you want. Just as any private institution has a right to curb your speech, a school has the same rights. This site has rules. It does not allow certain speech. You know, the world has rules. Perhaps it is time to get used to it.

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