Whats a depo shot?

Whats a depo shot?
I heard a question about it and I didnt know what it was

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This is an answer by ty: The Depo-Provera shot is a hormonal birth control that only contains progestin and it is injected every 3 months. It inhibits follicular development and prevents ovulation and it inhibits sperm penetration by changes in the cervical mucus. Estimated perfect rates of failure is 0.3%, in regular use it is about 3%.

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I think it's some sort of birth control method, like a shot you take to help you prevent from getting pregnant... but I'm not too sure, why not google it?

Is this the Depo Shot?

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I take the depo shot. I get it every three months for my period. and because having sex and stuff. For some people it makes you gain a lot of weight, but for me it makes me lose weight.

Why do I have heavy bleeding while on the depo- provera shot?
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It's a form of birth control. You get a shot every few months instead of taking a pill everyday.

Depo shots and periods

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