Why is it that I got my period on 11/04/09 got depo shot on 11/13/?

I got my period on nov.04,2009 and got my depo shot on nov.13,2009. So the problem is that I haven’t got my period yet. I’m I pregnant?

Answer #1

Probably not. The depo shot is known to stop a girl from having her period.

I also suggest that you research about the other side effects from the shot - it is not the safest form of birth control (in my opinion)

Answer #2

You could be no birth control is 100% effective.

More than likely the shot just made you not have a period. This just means before every shot you need to take a pregnancy test just to be safe (the doctor should be doing this) It isn’t uncommon for those on the shot to stop getting their period.

Answer #3

have you ever been on any other birth control?

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