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Can anyone give me babysitting advice?

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I'm going to be babystting my cousins during vacation (while the grown-ups are doing other stuff) and I need some advice. There are going to be 6 kids, ranging from 4 years to 12 years. I'm 13, and the two 12 year olds tend not to lesson to me, as I'm not much older.

Two of the six kids are my siblings, ages 8 and 12. the 12 year old rebels everytime I'm in charge, and I have no idea what to do when i have all six.

I'm certified by Red cross in CPR, Basic First Aid, and Babysitting, as well as by Safe Sitter, but I've never babysat so many kids at once.

The younger kids are nooo problem, and I have tons of games for them, but the older kids are making me nervous, even though i have games for them too.

What can I do to earn their respect? How can I keep them in line? Any suggestions for keeping them all entertained?

Thank you sooo Much!!