I'm pregnant, what should I tell my parents?

I have an amazinq boyfriend who I’ve been with since we were 11 back in 2006. im 14, tho ill be 15 in about a week. in a week ill be 4 months preqnat. im really scared to tell my parents, I know they wont kick me out of my house but im still really worried. I havent qone to the doctor at all, is that bad? I have a hard time fallinq asleep & I wake up most of the time tellinq myself that its qoinq to be way different no with a kid. im happy, scared worried & confused. my boyfriend is no help, he wants me to abort cause hes not ready to be a dad. he said hell qet outta my life if I keep it. that doesnt really buq me because I know I can do qood by myself but I don ant my baby qrowinq up without daddy. what should I do? when should I tell my parents? somebody help, please.

Answer #1

Don’t abored it, it’s like killing a person , murder (you are killing some thing with a beating heart) Your boyfriend is just mad, he will get over it, and im sure he will love you and the baby. Dont worry! You cant abored the babyanymore anyways( you can only abored tell the 3rd month) Tell your mom first and tell her you are sorry you know you shouldnt have done it but you were curious and it was a mistake, she will understand. By they way im 21. Had my 1st kid at 17 she was such a good baby. And pregnant with my 2nd im 7.5mths pregnant with a boy. You can ask me anything

Answer #2

tell ue parents they can help u.. your their kid… they want kick you out. you really needa go to a doctor. only abort if you feel you want to. just do what your heart tells u. good luk chica.

Answer #3

you can’t get an abortion now you’re a month over the limit. you need to tell your parents or go to a planned parenthood somewhere near you to get the proper care that you and your baby need. if you guys weren’t ready for a kid than you shouldn’t have been having sex in the first place. or you should have used the right kind of protection and put yourself on birth control. you are way too young to be going through this and I hope you know now that you will not get the proper teenage experience now. now you’re forced to grow up. take responsibility for your actions, this is what happens when you don’t follow the rules.

Answer #4

Hi, im 16 and was pregnant las year and my baby girl is 5months now, its really hard to raise a baby by yoself trust, and yea it is bad that you havent been 2 the doctor b/c something cud b wrong and I think its to late to get an abortion, you need to tell your parents I know its SCARY as hell but its best you do that and go c a doctor and the baby daddy need 2 b there when you go as well…TELL THEM ASAP!!!

Answer #5

well don’t abort bcus then ull kill the baby cause it already formed

tell your parents with a really shamed and disappointed face

just try

good luck!!=]

Answer #6

yes you should tell them and dont get an abortion and trust me there is other fish in the sea there will always be another guy to take your heart and your so young you need to see a doctor idmeaditly do wait much longer so you can get that baby out safly and you stay heathy

Answer #7

please tell your parents im not going to lie they will be pissed and dissapointed but like all things they will get over it and please forget about your boyfriend somtimes the first one isnt always the right one and its his loss the beautiful baby will come and love you forever raising a child by yourself is very difficult but a MAN not a “boy” will come along and love you and you baby like his own just take time to get to know them you dont want you kid to grow up knowing a diff dad every month you kids your priorty now ,guys can wait AND DONT DROP OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL YOU’LL REGRET IT AND NEVER BE ABLE TO GIVE YOUR BABY THE GREAT LIFE THEY DESERVE…IT CAN BE DONE TRUST ME…:)

Answer #8

obviously your so called boyfriend doesn’t love you if he’s saying that shit, girl you are to young to be having a child…you ARE a child wtf were you thinking, education is fucked now, hope you do well and girl…just tell them their gunna find out sooner or later.

Answer #9

my best friend went thru this same thing!! she was going to abord and wasnt sure if she was gonna tell her parents and w.e… she told her mom and she got really mad at first… took some of her stuff away HINT:delete ALL your stuff off your phone if anythings bad because theyll probably take it!! after 6 and a half months of being pregnant… she lost it. she fell when she was wearing really bad shoes on cement. I remember going to the hospital that nite with my best friend and looking at her sobbing saying it was all her fault. teenagers make mistakes! tell her the truth, at least go to your mom first because trust me if they figure it out before you tell them theyll get pissed!! good luck girliee. msg me and please lemme know how everything goes(:


Answer #10

They haven’t noticed anything? Wow. My mom noticed my sis was preggo after 3 months. Hah. You may be scared, don’t be. Your boyfriend can’t be mad, he should of tooken it slow, he needs to be in the baby’s life. I don’t know what else to tell you, I hope eveything turns out okay.

Answer #11

Hey Girl, It sounds like your in a bad position. But you know what it is your decision about keeping the baby or not. If your not ready to be a mother then maybe you should consider adoption or abortion, but I think abortion might be a little to late. But you should let your parents know about your situation,maybe they could help you out.

Good Luck -Makeup Guru

p.s I also have a daughter,shes 1 year old.

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