If you had one week to live, what would you do?

If you had one week to live what would you do, where would you go, who would you visit, who would you apologize to and what would you buy if anything?

Answer #1

I think I’d go outside, pick a direction, and run. Until I died. And I’d invite everyone I know to come with me.

Answer #2

If I found out tomorrow I had one week to live, I’d go crawl into a corner and stay there until the week was out. And lament the fact that I never got to do so many things I wanted to do, or was able to spend my last days with all the people who mean so much to me :(

Answer #3

If I had one week to live…I would probably do all the stuff I was afraid of doing! Yeah, that’s it! I would…ride a thousand roller coasters..I would touch a snake :P ! But most important of all, I would spend that week with my family who I love a lot.

Answer #4

if I had 1 wk to live I would go back to jamaica I would visit my dad and all my other family in jamaica I would apologize to my mummy cause of all the trouble I have giving her. I would buy my dream car. that is what I would do if I had a week to live.

Answer #5

Search the world for a cure. Or get somone else to do it for me.

Answer #6

If I had one week to live, I’d go to Vegas and marry my partner- I’d like to spend my last days as the wife of the man I love most.

Answer #7

Spend time with family & loved ones…I would buy nothing in particular, maybe a plane ticket to somewhere special.

Answer #8

Pretty cool answer kamex.

Answer #9

If I got 1 week to live I’ll definitely do whatever I like.Like piercing,shopping,eating.Of course I’ll confess to my crush(If I got one).And I’ll spend time with my family,lover,friends.Going back to the place I use to go.Then left a couple of days I’ll go to a country that no one know me.And I’ll choose to die there.After I die,I’ll choose to stay on a cloud and protect everyone.Just like a fairy. =P

Answer #10

if ii had one week to live,ii would gather all my family and friend and would tell them how much ii love dem,I would do every ting ii carnt do now as a 13 yr old,(if you get ma driffett) lol btt most off all ii would stay wid daa 1s ii love the most !xx :)

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