How come in movies it's so cute when people fall in love after one week?

lol.. Two people will meet, one day later they realize they have something.. 2 days later they’re in bed together.. the next day one gets mad at the other, thus resulting in a ‘break up’ but by the end of they movie (aka 3 days later) they make their way back into each others arms and live happily ever after hahaha.. I just think it’s funny how wrong they are and how different it is in reality.. if I went that fast with a guy, I doubt there would be a happy ending. :P

Answer #1

because theyre trying to get good rtings and women love a good love story lol

Answer #2

Because it’s a movie…a fantasy…and not real life. Everybody loves a good fantasy.


Answer #3


Answer #4

Because everyone thinks it’s cute X3 (well mostly just girls…and me). It’s the cliche love story haha. I agree, nothing happens like that in real life, but then again it’s a movie, meaning it’s fake. But I do love a happy ending :D Have you seen The Backup Plan? That was adorable. And I also loved Letters To Juliet. Definitely a tear jerker >_> my boyfriend laughed at me when I cried…..sigh

Answer #5

*endings, sorry!!! D:

Answer #6

Aw I’ve never seen either… but I was watching Daredevil the other day… and I was just … ugh.. I mean, she slept with him literally 2 days later (maybe sooner) hahaha wowzers. =] I’m gonna look for those 2 movies though. :P

Answer #7

They’re in theatre at ze momente, m’thinks., I’ve never seen daredevil!! (and I totally know, the movie girls are very promiscuous : \ or however you spell that.)

Answer #8

they trying to make people think theres happily ever after

Answer #9

That’s..oh, y’know, slightly depressing. -_-

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