exchange of lives for a week

if you are given a chance to live a life of a celeb for a week, and that celeb lives your life, too, then who would you choose to live your life and will live your life, too?

Answer #1

Jessica Alba.. Cause she’s really pretty and that would be a change for me : Haha!

Answer #2

hahaha! yeah right… me too! ANOOP wouldve stayed if I were simon, so… yeah… lol! that’s fun!

Answer #3

simon cowell

Answer #4

I Would go Adam Sandler…at least the paprazzi will be off my neck, you don’t hear much of him.

Answer #5

Angelina Jolie please…a whole week with Brad Pitt :) then afterwards hanging out with his Ocean Thirteen co stars, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck yummyyy ;)

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