Which one of these would make the best "Pilot" episode?

The series is a comedy about these teens in a Foster home. So there’s a few ways we could start this off…

Number One: The series stats out like “Heroes” did, in the sense that it took a few episodes for them to get together and end up at the foster home.

Number Two: The pilot just follows two characters (twins), as their parents, who are criminals, die while being chased by cops. They need to figure out where they’re gonna live. At the end, they arrive at the foster home and in episode 2, it fast forwards a year, and one of the twins narrate, introducing everyone who lives there and the year in review.

Number Three: It starts out with the twins ringing the doorbell, and one narrates the year in review and describes the other characters. Then they start talking about what’s happening today. And today is interview day. It goes to a shot of them getting ready to be interviewed by a couple who wants to adopt them.

Number Four: They get ready to be interviewed, they get interviewed. The main character (one of the twins) thinks he’s getting interviewed, then another character wants him to stay, so he sabotages his chances of getting adopted. This would still happen in Number Three, but this time there’s no narration or year in review.

Answer #1

i like number 3 the best….narration seems to be a popular thing in tv shows…even if ur not looking at the tv u can still get the idea of whats going on

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