if evolution continues

if evolution continues, then in what way will humans continue to evolve?

there has been show fictionally explaining animals continuing to evolve and I want to know what will happen to human

I am looking for a concrete scientific answer for this question!

Answer #1

I agree with toadaly: We’re changing our own environment far faster than we can adapt evolutionarially. I think the next changes will be initiated by us, not by natural evolution.

Answer #2

I think humanity has reached a point where environmental change due to our own technology is happening too fast for biological evolution to even be a meaningful concept anymore to us. We will likely either wipe ourselves out, or completely master biology within less than 100 years.

The next major evolutionary change for humans, will be a merger with our technology.

Answer #3

The statement that humans have not changed in thousands of years is false. There have been many changes to the human gene pool over the last several thousand years. The process of digestion has rapidly evolved, as have many brain functions and processes. There have been changes in height and bone structure, skin color, and the immune system.

As baldwinwolf said, brain function will continue to change based on the social and environmental factors that are also changing. Digestion will continue to change as humans continue to consume more sugar, lactose, and starch than our ancestors, as will ability to resist diseases. Based on natural selection, those seem to be the biggest changes that the human race will see.

Answer #4

Humans are not going to change because Evoloution is not True!!!

if people are going to believe that humans came from apes then why are there still apes locked up in zoo’s? why arent they turning into Humans?

Answer #5

It is completely up to your imagination. There is no possible way of even guessing, maybe gill-like filters for people who live in polluted atmospheres?

Answer #6

haha lmao@ above answer!!!

Answer #7

the obvious change that will be forthcoming is the loss of our little toe, it just kind of hangs out down there - getting in the way. I have heard that this will most likely happen.

our appendix- it may disappear entirely, being that it currently serves no function.

I would also foresee a blending of skin color to where future humans will be slightly tanned. without the distinct races we see now.

as far as the “recreational pharmaceuticals” go- I foresee mutations as a result of that. as well as some peoples inactive lifestyles having an effect in the future- to where some people will strictly be adapted for “sit down” types of jobs.

our average height could also change, as well as our basic brain functions- you can see this beginning by the introduction of computers into kindergarten classes- the things that children are learning now in elementary schools would have blown us away “back in the day”.

there are all kinds of possibilities- we will have a reaction to the way the environment is going- if we are at the cusp of a possible ice age within the next 100 years or so- our bodies are going to react to that change in environment. and the greater solar radiation will also have an effect.

Answer #8

wow, ignorance truly has no boundaries… I would attempt to explain the basic tenets of evolution, but I’m not going to waste my time…

and it’s really impossible to tell, given that it will take thousands of years to really notice changes, and who knows how the earth will have changed by then

Answer #9

Littlered7777. Humans didn’t evolve from modern day monkeys. We evolved from the same ancestor as the modern day monkey. I hate when people use that cause its shows how little some people know are talking about. Really shows ignorance.

Anyway. Evolution as been formed from necessity and efficients. Think what would be necessary and efficent for human is the far future.

Answer #10

“I am looking for a concrete scientific answer for this question!”

Need to ask an Evolutionary Scientist. Humans haven’t changes in thousands of years. Who knows?

Answer #11

I agree with toadaly, our technology is evolving to fast for us to keep up.

Answer #12

I’ve heard were all going to have a five head with no hair, like what aliens supposedly look like. I could go into detail as to why but it is just a theory.

Answer #13

is that an attempt at a comeback?

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