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Christians Supporting Evolution...

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First. let me ask only Christians to answer this question. Non-believers offering their opinions will only 'muddy up' the original intent of what I am trying to find out. Quite honestly I can hear the words 'God doesn't exist' from any of the other 1,000 questions already on this website, I thank you for answering ONLY if you are a Christian.

My church recently held a discussion about the theory of evolution. I was stunned by just how many fellow Christians defended evolution and by the 'heated' feelings that were generated over the subject.

Christian facts regarding Genesis state...

  1. Man is to be in charge of animals and to be good stewards and keepers of all beasts.

  2. God made mankind special in that he literally 'breathed' a spirit into man... Adam (He did not do that for any other animal).

  3. Remember, that adding to or subtracting (or throwing your own thoughts or theories) from the word of God (the Bible) is abominable in God's eyes.

Anyways, here is my question...

If the Theory of Evolution is correct in Christians' eyes, then at what point did God say... "alright, you are no longer animal, but are now considered man and thus you will now be granted a spirit?" Remember that we already established that no other animals have a spirit. If evolution is so gradual, over millions and billions of years, at what point did God give us a spirit and soul?

I really want to hear pro-evolution Christians answer this with their take on the subject.