What ideas should I add to my photo essay?

we have to do a photo essay for english. my theme is “preparation for summer”. i’m doing it in a scrap book. anyway, i’m having trouble coming up with ideas about how i could show it. each page needs to be a different idea & we need to include pictures. i was thinking one page could be like “throw away all school work”, “get a summer job”, “shop for summer clothes”, “plan for the beach” .. anyone have any more ideas i could put down? i want at least 10, but it doesn’t really matter. thanks!!

Answer #1

shopping, vacation, sleepovers, sleeping in, tanning. thats all i can think of. Dx

Answer #2


Answer #3

Friends, family, vacations, events, boyfriend/love if you have one, hobbies/interests.

Answer #4

Planning for vacation, sleep, games and hobbies, time for friends.

Answer #5

Depending on when this project is due, I would say take pictures of your own family this summer. The pictures would be original.

Some other ideas would be you and your friends at the beach, getting tans, or shopping for bathing suits.

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