How can I start my essay out [-Abraham Lincoln]?

I have to write a high school level essay about Abraham Lincoln due in ten days. I have all the information I need for it, but the first paragraph is holding me back from beginning to actually type it all out.

I always get stuck on how to start out an essay, which prevents me from EVER getting anything finished. However, I need this essay to get a history credit.

I’m not asking anyone to do this essay for me, just asking for any ideas for the very first sentence. I can do the rest from there.

Answer #1

Start up with his childhood and how he started become more and more famous as days passed on,at the middle talk about what made him very famous and what kind of things he had accomplished in his time. If your able to type it up try and find some never before seen photos of him from the internet and put them in the essay explaining what the photos mean. At the end talk about why he is famous and legendary to this day.

Answer #2

start with telling of his name and where he grew up and previous childhood memories, then head more towards his more recent goals and accomplishments.

Answer #3

You can say Abraham Lincoln was a great president of 18whatever he had many accomplishments (and go from there)

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