What are some ideas for a personal essay?

for school we have to right a personal essay but im having a hard time figuring out a topic, it has to be something that you are familiar with,but that you dont pay much attnetion to. it can be a person,place,thing,or an activity. please and ty<3:)

Answer #1

you could write about whether we are natured or nurtured into the people we are and whether it affects some more than others, whether it’s a part of how you live :)

Answer #2

Write about the way your family celebrates a major holiday (Christmas or Thanksgiving) and what it means to you, and what traditions you will carry on with your own family.

Answer #3

write about something that happened to you which changed your life a bit, eg. changing schools or a death in the family or a pet or something like that? im not sure, write about something that makes you unique from others and something your friends or teachers dont know much about? hope this helps :) xx

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