What is your idea of a utopian or perfect society?

Answer #1

Where no-one judges each other, and there is no discrimination, whether it is against race, religion, sex, or sexuality. I’m not sure what a utopian is but that would be my perfect society.

Answer #2

perfect society…. one where people do not mu.rder. where people have their own opinion and do not follow the wills of others. where people do not take what is not theirs. where people contribute to society instead of taking things they don’t deserve. where people respect their parents and in turn their parents teach good values. where people do not judge a person. where people recognize that charity is important & we have to take care of others.

Answer #3

Where self pitty stops, and people accept eachother.

Answer #4

where people realize we are all a part of the ANIMAL kingdom and allow us to live accordingly. my idea of the “perfect” society would be that of the plains indians (prior to european ‘religious’ interference )- being nomadic and moving around- everyone had their niche and job within the tribe, everyone was known by everyone and basically everyone watched out for each other- everyone also had a personal sense of honor and values. you made war when it was appropriate- lived in peace - but with the knowledge that your protection was given to the tribe by the presence of the ‘warrior class’ who provided the food and stood against any aggressers. the perfect society involves everyone- artists, farmers, warriors, bakers, craftsmen, hunters, scribes- etc. all in harmony with no misconceptions about how the world works and no foolish notions about peace without defense, a world without predudice, or a world without fear- the very act of living means that we are all of these things and that is what makes us human.

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