What do you think the word 'perfect' means?

A lot of girls, especially, now days want to be perfect. but what do you think perfect actually is?

I don’t even care if you say 80 lbs.. I want to know your opinion! Because I think everyone has a different idea. :]

Answer #1

To be perfect is to be imperfect :) I think no one is perfect.. I think everyone is perfect.. No one is perfect in the fact that no one can be perfect. But everyone is perfect for that same reason. If no one is perfect, than everyone is perfect. Imperfection is perfection. As long as you are yourself, you are perfect in every way :)

Answer #2

to me the work perfect means without flaw. but in the way you mean, perfect is a matter of opinion, im slightly obese, relatively unpopular, and not that attractive, and im as perfect as im going to get, and im fine with that!

Answer #3

Perfect I how you see yourself in yo head not care what people say cause im a thick girl people say thing about me all the time but I let I ride and I still think im perfect they might not but I think so

Answer #4

uhhh look at me, and you’ll see perfect!

Answer #5

Perfect to me is accepting every single aspect of your life. The good, the not so good and the very ugly.

Answer #6

perfect is when your happy with yourself and not because someone told you how or who to be,

if your happy, it doesn’t matter what you look like, or talk like, if you are your self your already perfect,

Answer #7

I think perfect is how you feel about yourself. im the perfectest…almost! the perfect weight to me would be 145lbs. my hair is already awesome and so are my eyes and the perfect ring size to me would be a 9. see things are different for each person.

Answer #8

perfect ist about weight, or about looks its not about any of those things, because everyone is different in my opinion, perfect exists in everyone because everyone is perfect at being who they are…no matter who they are there perfect at being them, because no one else is like them

Answer #9

to me, perfect is being the best person you can be, and keep trying your best to become even better… perfect is when nothing goes wrong, when you’re happy, and you’re glad that you are, when you’re living a peaceful life, with no problems.. and it’s also when you love, and feel loved… it’s everything good :) (kinda)

Answer #10

Being satisfied with who you are :)

Answer #11

Perfect is being yourself :-)

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