What's the point of trying to achieve society's idea of success?

Recently, I’ve been thinkin about this little proverb thing that a friend told me. I goes something like;

“once there was a poor mexican fisher that lived in a quaint village with his family. though they might not have been well of financially, they were happy and had everything they needed to get by. everyday he would go out, catch as many fish as he and his family would need for the day, and go relax with his family for the rest of the day. one day, a business man on vacation observed him doing this and approached him. the business man asked why he only caught a couple fish each day? the man responded that that was all his family needed to get by. the business man explained to him if he caught extra fish each day, he could sell them and turn a profit. he would be able to buy equipment and catch even more fish. he could keep making more and more money, opening a giant company that would sell tons of fish. he would be a CEO, a respectable working man that spent much of his life at work. he’d move away from his home and make tons of money. the fisherman then asked him, what would happen after he opened this company. the business man responded, “ well, you’ll become rich, and be able to retire. you’ll be able to settle down in a small mexican village with your family. you’ll be able to just relax and fish everyday and have nothing to worry about.”

This really has me thinking, what’s the point of going through all of that to return to where you started? What’s the point of trying to achieve society’s idea of success?

Answer #1

well the point is- doing something you enjoy for money- and making work out of it. eventually you will lose the enjoyment part and it will become like any other chore.

so the problem here is using society as a guide for your success.

if you are happy and feel successful just getting by day to day- and you have all of your needs met- why change anything.

there are better things in this world than money.

Answer #2

Because life is not quite as idyllic as all that. What happens if that fisherman falls sick and needs the hospital. Who is going to fish for food then? Who is going to pay the hospital bill? Who is going to take care of his wife and kids? What happens if he dies in a storm? Who is going to feed his children? Assuming the rest of his life goes along great, who is going to take care of him when he gets old? What if he doesnt have kids to care for him? Money is a necessary evil. That’s just the way life works. Substinence farming or fishing is simply not good enough.

Answer #3

OK !!! I get your Q nah not really What !!!

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