Ice cream flavors

What are the best ice cream flavors???

Answer #1

I’ll give you a list of some flavors of ice cream. Vanella, chocolate, moose tracks which is mainly peanut butter, hot fudge, strawberry, banana splits, butter finger, orio flavor, chocolate chip, they used to make cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, Neal pollotan, Well, their are other flavors but, I can’t seem to think of anymore. But, I love vanella and chocolate.

Answer #2

lmfao on the funadvice homepage, the question asked right before urs is WEIGHT PROBLEMS!!! LMFAO think bout it HAHAHA

Answer #3

mint chocalate chip there is no other competition! its the ultimate combo of chocolate and mint! :] I mean come one who doesnt adore that!!! and I mean the realmint choco chip not the mint oreo or any htign like that

Answer #4

I agree with zimmyzimmy! even tho I also like cookie dough! oh and cherrys jubilee! if any one hasent heard of that its like regular cherry ice cream with gobs and gobs of maraschino cherrys!! pumpkin ice cream um lets see mint chocolate chip vanilla which is melting frosty on my counter right now!! egg nog candy cane ice cream ok the deal about candy cane ice cream and why its so good? is that the ice cream is already cold but you want something that is actually going to cool your mouth off? so there are these cold Christals that are in there and they actually make your mouth freeze!! it is so good but you can only get it at christmas time! and the pumpkin one too!

Answer #5

~Strawberry ~mint Choco chip ~cookeez & cream ~Party Cake ~Reese buttercup ~ Moose Trackz

Thoose are the best flavors in my opinion!!!


Answer #6

I love ben and jerry’s everything but the… and I like baskin robins jamoca almond fudge

Answer #7

Rocky Road Mint Chocolate Chip Strawberry Black Walnut Butter Pecan Tin Roof - DQ

Answer #8

Chocolate with peanut butter chunks is my favorite

Answer #9

strawberry and chocolate are the best

Answer #10

Anyone ever had Pooh bear by maudes in Belfast Ireland? Its de-lish. Its got honeycomb in it. Thats my favourite.

Answer #11

I love fudge ripple lol

Answer #12

I love fudge ripple lol

Answer #13

Cookie dough

Answer #14

I like cookies and cream

Answer #15

my fav is bubblegum

Answer #16

I like raseberry cheesecake

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