What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

alright im just wondering alright every1 post your faverite ice cream flaver=) mine cookie dough yearrgh!

Answer #1

birthday cake! or cotton candy explosion! [you can only get that from Brusters though!]

Answer #2

Cappochino is my favorite icecream (: I’m a HUGE fan of coffee, so I basicly lost interest of every other flavor Teehee(:

Answer #3

A local dairy makes chocolate cupcake that is TREMENDOUS. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Did I mention I like chocolate?

Answer #4

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream as well. Has been since I first tried it 30 years ago. This is one of the reasons I’ll never go 100% vegan, every now and then I need my ice cream fix.

Copulating with ice cream sounds messy though. Let me know how it goes.

Answer #5

this isnt actually a flavor (technically), but I love vanilla dipped in chocolate…

otherwise rum and raisin…

Answer #6

cookies and cream is the best!!!

Answer #7

chocolate nad american chip…I luv dose

Answer #8

Good ole’ fashioned vanilla ;)

Answer #9

oreo icecream rocks.

Answer #10

Whirled peace-Ben and Jerrys. :)

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