Favorite ice cream flavor?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream (mine is peanutbutter and chocloate) by baskin robbins

Answer #1

mmm. my fave hard icecream is probably cookie doug or oreo kind and the soft icecream..mmm. my fave is proabbly swirl..yummm

Answer #2

Blueberry. :)

Answer #3

where I work theres this ice cream called “Grahm Slam” its amazing! try it… I have yet to see it in a regular grocery store though. but im sure ull be able to find it

Answer #4

chocolate! muahhh!

Answer #5

blue bunny peppermint candy/or/mocha madness

Answer #6

cookie dough or cakebatter! Yummy

Answer #7

Pistachio. yum yum!

Answer #8

cake batter and peanutbuttercup

Answer #9

butterscotch ripple.

Answer #10

chocolate ummm thats my favorite, friendly’s

Answer #11

Yeah, that one is pretty cool as well!

Answer #12

cookies and creame!!!

Answer #13


Answer #14

used to be mint and chip, cookies and cream now

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