What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?

What is your favorite Ice cream flavor AND What flavor would you invent if you could?

Mine:Peanu tbutter chocolate chip inventtive flavor:Krispy creme donut flavor!!! :P

Answer #1

I like vanilla, strawberry, and oreo cookie ice creame. I wonder if anyone thought of alcoholic beverage flavored ice creame. only for those of age of course. ♥

Answer #2

I like chocolate peanut butter with whipped cream & gummy bears : )

Answer #3

chocolate. with BROWNIES

Answer #4

COOKIE DOE!! its the best!!

Answer #5

I like crap flavor sprinkled with boogers ;) peace! lmao

Answer #6

coco and to invite I say crispy crem doughnut

Answer #7

all of them except cherrie blek

Answer #8

the krispy creme one sounds yummy!!! =) my fav is chocolate chip cookie dough and I think I would probably help you invent the doughnut one because it sounds really good!

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