How can I move out if I'm short on cash?

So, I’ve been with my boyfriend now for over a year and we’ve decided (for many different reasons) that I would be moving up there. I’m tickled to death about the move, and I can’t wait for us to start our life. The thing is though. I’m having to pay all of my bills AND save at the same time. It’s a huge struggle, and I’ve even taken on a second job to save my money for it. My boyfriend is in school full time, so its hard for him to save money as well. So here I am, I’ve been trying to save since the beginning of the year and we’ve planned on me having like $5k that way if I can’t immediately find a job, then I’ll at least have enough to pay my bills and then when I get a job, I’ll still have some left over. Only thing is…I’m still stuck at only $300 saved. Its like no matter what I do, I can’t save anything. Can someone PLEASE help me, give me some ideas, some advice, anything that can help me save my money quicker and easier.

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Well first of all, your boyfriend could help. Both me and my boyfriend go to school full time and have part-time jobs on the side. He could get a job at his school that allows him to work on his schoolwork while he’s there (examples: computer labs, IT department, security at dorms, etc). Going to school is not an excuse to not help financially, in my opinion. It takes two to tango.

Secondly, see where you’re spending most of your money on things that you just don’t need. It’s hard to not buy that new comforter or new DVD that just came out, but they just aren’t necessary. I started to save a lot by realizing I was spending loads of money on food, so I stopped eating out as much and now shop at a cheaper grocery store. It’ll be worth the cutbacks in the end!

Answer #2

Your boyfriend needs to help. Are you aware that you are being taken advantage of? Why are you not in school? My husband and I met in college. He was a full-time architecture student in a very intense 5-year program. I was a part time student at a community college, working full time to make rent. When we decided to move in together, he got a little bit more in loan money and I continued to work. By the time I transfered to a University, He was already in his third year of school and was able to work in his field. I then stopped working for 6 months and worked part-time for 6 months. We are not done with school, married, and … well… still working! :) Good luck to you!

Answer #3

Well you definately need to remember that only the essentials are important. When I moved to my first house I shopped at thrift stores for furniture and I bouught a lot of my cleaning supplies and other things toilet paper canned foods plunger toilet scrubber sponges cleaners all that stuff at the 99 cent store or dollar store. just remember cheaper is better. Dont always buy named brand cereal or papertowels buy the cheap brand. It really saves you money at the end of the month trust me! Hope it all helps you good luck!

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