How do i get cash back from any store for writing a check?

My debit card was stolen and I had to cancel it this weekend. But I also need to take a short road trip this weekend as well... However, I now have no access to the cash in my account, of which I must have access to to make this trip... Can I get cash back by a check cash at walmart or maybe safeway? I do have checks for the same account... But I need actual cash for portions - of which I now can't just pull out of the atm.

Please help!

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I don't know if they'll do that for personal cheques, but you can take any business cheque in and make a small purchase to cash out the remainder of the cheque.

You know, you can just go up to the bank teller.

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you should of gone to your bank with I.d and withdrew the cash over the counter,

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