I want a rat and I'm trying to convince my mom to let me.

Why won’t my mom let me get a rat?

Answer #1

The responsibility, she doesn’t like them, the cost (food, cage, etc)

Answer #2

Find out why she doesn’t like them and be polite and muture. My mum wont get me a rat either but just try to be extra good DO NOT NAG HER ABOUT IT!!! If she says no, wait for a while till shes in a good mood (bout a few days.) Be patient it’ll propbal take a while. Do loads of research and try and find out if any of your friends or anyone you know has a rat or something like it so you can go see it and show your mum. my friends mum hated the idea but ended up loving the rat. Good luck x

Answer #3

Maybe she doesn’t like them, or perhaps she just doesn’t want any pets in the house.

It’s her house - her decision, and you just have to accept it.

Answer #4

She probably doesn’t like rats or the terrify her and knowing what kind of damage a rat can do to a home,she doesn’t want to take that risk,respect her decision. You’ll thank her later probably.

Answer #5

damage to a home? wow you are still in the 1800’s aren’t you? Rats and mice are cleaner than you or your dog. They carry diseases you say…so do humans, more vile than the diseases rats carried in the plague days. That by the way was caused by humans unsanitary living conditions

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