I used to smoke weed...a lot.

and towards the end of my dazed adventures I started to get sooper insecure and awkward when I was high…which eventually led to anxiety when I was sober. I’ve found myself in a position of realizing that who I am, is not who I want to be. even several months after I’ve stopped smoking, I still get social anxiety sooo I talk a lot because I get nervous. which just backfires and makes people not want to talk to me because I blabber on and on. I’m trying to improve but there is only so much I can do and think of. I’m out of ideas and I want to know what I can do to feel socially comfortable and confident. I want my old social self back :(

Answer #1

wow you really need help ok listen I know everybody is saying go to the rehab if you dont want to up too you but there a chicklet or chewing gum you can use noctinelle

or noctine you should try email me iff it work

Answer #2

Techno, One of the leading experts on addiction (Dr. Drew Pinsky) has said a few things on pot addiction. 1.) It takes a full year to lose the anxiety and insecurity that eventually happens in all pot addicts. 2.) Pot is a addiction whose ill effects are overcome with recovery (unlike some drugs - like X - that permanently damage you). 3.) Pot is the hardest drug to permanently shake free of. You need to go to either a therapist or, more likely MA meetings (Marijuana Anonymous meetings). Call AA, tell them that you need help, and they WILL put you in touch. If needed, they will help you get to the meetings.

100% of pot addicts relapse unless they get some help. They just can’t white knuckle it.

I wish you well. If you truly want help, it is out there. And with MA - it’s free.

Good Luck!!

Answer #3

Like everyone else is saying: 1st you have to Admit you have a problem, go to Rehab, learn the 12 step program & then hit a few NA (Narcotics Anonymous meetings). 90 meetings in 90 days.

It is HARD to kick an old habit like that, but once you do with help, you will feel & be a new person. I know I’ve been thru a lot of things. Just take it “ONE DAY AT A TIME!!” Good Luck !!

Answer #4

rehab. you need professional help. more thn funadvice can offer.

Answer #5

Go to rehab?:) Sorry about your situation.

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