Will I have a hard time smoking weed?

If I had a hard time smoking a cigarette for my first time, will I have a lot of trouble smoking weed?

Answer #1

nah, you wont. it just burns a little bit. but your lungs will break open (not literally) and youll be fine.

Answer #2

Im s smoker trying to quit and smoking is DISGUSTING dont knwo why I ever tried it BUT I dont have any problems with weed in short yes you will because you inhale into your lungs to get stoned and ull cough your brains out…in time ull be fine

Answer #3

nah but you start smokin it a lot u’ll have bags under your eyes…dark ya know your eyes will be diolated a few hours

Answer #4

Haha, yes they will notice. When your first start smoking - you will cough. It takes a lot of time in order to get used to the burning feeling when the smoke fills your lungs. It’s a lot hotter than ciggarette smoke - and you hold it in your lungs a lot longer - so yes it burns at first and you will cough.

Answer #5

so like are people going to notice that I havnt smoked ever if I smoke weed tomorrow, like am I going to cough a lot?

Answer #6

why bother going down that road do you seriously think it will do you any good? It just slows your roll…like you don’t progress and wow your high but you really don’t accomplish too much…believe me.

Answer #7

Yes, any time you start smoking anything - it’s difficult. You have to remember that you inhaling smoke into your lungs, and the smoke is hot. It’s somthing that takes time and practice to get right without burning your lungs and coughing your lungs up.

Answer #8

DON’T DO IT. that’s disgusting. ew. have fun with yellow teeth & bad breath & wrinkles in early age. not to mention dead brain cells..and lung cancer. oooh, plus theirs that wonderful thing called: BEING ILLEGAL. your poor family will miss you. you are not only hurting yourself. Juvenile delinquint halls..what a fun place to spend Christmas.

Answer #9

you are too young to be smoking pot wait til your brain develops

Answer #10

I smoked weed everyday for over 6 months straight, didnt miss a day but on and off before that and now im on and off agian,I dont think weed is bad but everyday is stupid I started smokeing at 12 and its kinda hard not really b.c everyone coughs when they smoke weed it burns a bit but when your stoned it kinda doesnt matter lol and I smoke Marb menthol ciggs along with that ciggs are bad for you! dont get addicted!!! and a lot of people have trouble smokeing them at first but get lights not something like Marb Reds Dont make any of it a habbit!! lol

Answer #11

scratch all them.

smokin weed kinda burns your throat some, u’ll get use to it though

Answer #12

weed isn’t good for you either. you shouldn’t do it.

Answer #13

It will burn but just keep hitting it and later you wont feel anything…

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