What is severe anxiety and how to stop it?

I took this quiz online and it said I have Severe anxiety. What is it? And how do I make it go away

im always nervous I can’t stand been around people and im always scared when im at school or in town.


Answer #1

I’ve tried blackin thing out, and taking deep breaths but it doesnt work, and its reali starting to bug me! it sometimes makes me cry, like at school for the past 2 days I’ve started crying because im sick of it, and im just sat in my lessons scared and shaking, and it realy upsets me!

does anyone know if theres any tablets I can take to calm my nerves??

please help me:(

Answer #2

Well when you start getting Scared do this Take deep Breaths and Pretend there isnt anything to be afraid of…IT happens all you have to do is to stay calm or Ask God for Help too

Answer #3

See your doctor and he may give you antidepressants or refer you to a psychologist for help in dealing with it. Anxiety is like fear but you don’t really know what is scaring you. You maybe sensitive to your surroundings and analyze things too much as is the case with me.

Answer #4

But I cant go to my doctor because I dont want to tell my mum :( she wont do anything about it anyway :(

what else colud I do?

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