How to fix my fat legs?

I used to have legs to die for, but ever since I toned up my tummy, they’ve gotten 2 inches fatter! Now, compared to my pretty flat stomach they look huge!!! Does anybody know how this happened, or what to do to fix it? I have a dance show in 5 days, and I’m wearing shorts which will show my legs (I chose my costume when they were good!)

Answer #1

I don’t have a gym membership:(. I’ve started doing 50 squats a day, but my legs are in a bit of pain. :P

Answer #2

Yeah cycling is good and lunges. If you do about 3 sets of 10-15 lunges each day they should get better. But like savanna said, you don’t want to push your muscles too much or you will have pulled muscles for the show! Good luck! x

Answer #3

You could go to the gym. Riding bikes really shapes your legs really well. Do it for about 1hour everyday and if you want it fast 3 times a day. But dont push yourself to much or your legs will be killing you in your dance show.

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