Raped still a virgin?

If I was raped before by someone and didnt bleed, am I a virgin.? Then years later I have sex with someone for the first time since the rape an I still dont bleed, is something wrong, am I still a virgin?

Answer #1

when you were raped NO you didnt lose your virginity to that loser!!!

I have been raped 3 times and I don’t understand why it happens but I was still a virgin. you loose it when you WILLINGLY have sex with someone important to you!

Answer #2

You are still a virgin until you consent to having sex with another person. The only reason some girls bleed is if their hymens were not previously ripped by sports, tampons etc… So nothing is wrong and you lost your virginity when you consented to have sex with guy two.

Answer #3

Not every virgin bleeds!

Answer #4

bleeding doesnt matter. if a pen!s penetrated your vag!na then you are no longer a virgin.

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