What are exercises for a tighter, bigger butt?

I have a flat but :[ && what are some excirses to do to get your
but tighter and bigger is that possible?

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what do you catcher? isn;'t that talking I talk the most from like all my
friends..and NOTINGG blahh lol

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guys dont like flat butts. if you think they like bone you live in the weirdest place ever. and mabel you shouldnt be as concered with everything that you are. you still have time to grow. like a lot of time. so doing stuff now to your body will only make it harder for you later. in a few years you will ask how do I get rid of this and that. so just stay active and be in a sport. but for a butt play softball. especially catcher. you do a lot of sitting back then standing. big "booty".

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what guys like big buts what are you talking about!
where in the world do you live
bwahh,, lol

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why do you want a big butt
I have a hug butt and I hate it lol
I want a flat butt cuss guys like flat butts

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Doing squats can tighten up your bum.

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