What are exercises for your butt other than squats and lunges?

I have really weak knees, and when I do squats or lunges they hurt. So what are other butt exercises?

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Oh well there are different kinds of lunges and squats you know.
You can do back kicks and uphill walking.

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I have worked out my butt for years! I was a dancer and I learned from the other girls that if you walk up a hill backwards it works out your upper back thighs and your butt...and believe me hun it works. also stand in front of your kitchen counter holding onto it and lift your leg backwards until you can feel the stretch. almost like your kicking a ball but in the opposite direction. You can do this laying down too That works too and its easy on the knees

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So, have you made up your mind to up your squat game? Then try the various types of squats.
1. Body Weight Squats
This is your regular squat without any equipment and perhaps the best squat workout. Yes, you do not need your dumbbells, barbells, or kettle-bells. Just your body-weight and you will be good to go. Get into the basic squat form, keep your feet hip-width apart and see that your feet are slightly pointed out, get your form correct and squat down till your knees reach a 90-degree angle and balance your weight on your heels as you propel yourself back up to the starting position. Never, and I repeat that never droop forward while you squat! Just try and maintain a flat back throughout the entire duration of your exercise.
2. Plie Squats
This squat needs your feet to be wider than hip-width apart and your feet need to be angled significantly outward. It is quite similar to your regular squat. Ensure that your back is in line, and you are able to bend your knees outward rather than straight. This is a great move to target your inner thighs. If you want to take it up a notch, grab some weights or better still a kettle-bell!
3. Single Leg Squats
This type of squat is done on one leg and one of the best squat exercises. Lift your left leg and keep it either behind you or keep it as straight as possible in front of you while you squat down on your right leg.
4. Pulse Squats
This one is a killer! All you have to do is get into basic squat form and when you reach the bottom of the squat, instead of straightening up completely come halfway up and then get back into the squat position again. Repeat this for several times and “pulse” away till you are not able to continue anymore. Your thighs will literally die with this one.

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Health is wealth and exercising is the greatest investment you can make to build this wealth. While making this investment squatting works like the highest returns investment with low premium to be invested. Read ON! Everyone wants a strong lower body nowadays, what with varied insta-friendly pictures crowding the social media, it is true that the "butt" is the new focal point. A pert derriere is now synonymous with a perfect body. But squats are not only about a shapely lower body but it is also about ...
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