Should I dye my hair blonde or brown and what colour highlights?

Well, I currently have light brown hair which is dyed.. but I want to colour it either light blonde with golden and dark blonde highlights or really dark brown. But I’m really not sure which to choose? I was thinking about dying my hair dark brown all over and then having maybe some light brown and blonde highlights? What do you think this will look like?

I have quite fair skin and blue eyes and I am naturally a dark blonde.

Any suggestions or pictures would be great. Thanks

Oh and I am worried about what my eyebrows will look like with the colours since they are really light and more or less non-existent.

Answer #1

well you have fair skin and blue eyes so light blonde hair with brown or dark blonde highlights will look so natural…but if you want contrast between your skin tone and your hair color you can do it dark brown…I know a lebanese singer who has blue eyes and fair skin she dyes her hair brownish red it look super nicee…but if you want to be blonde then bleach it…good luck

Answer #2


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