How does sex really feel?

How does it really feel to have a boys thingy goes inside of you? Some say it feels good and some say its really gross? Whats it really feel like!

Answer #1

its different for everyone some people like it, some people dont for some people it hurts, for some people it doesnt know one can tell you how good it will feel for YOU only you can know that

Answer #2

well from a guys view its like a tight feeling thts warm like the body heat and I don’t know how it feels for the girl but it feels good to guys, unlees she has a lot of pubic hair wich on some people isnt as atractive

Answer #3

if you have been fingered before it feels exactly the same but only bigger

Answer #4

sex feels amazing! like there isn’t a way to describe it really. its just like a finger but bigger and just…idk feels so much better. tell him to go slow at first then faster and faster and it will feel sooo good, also be on top! it makes it more fun! and you are in control then. SEX IS AMAZING, DO IT!

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