I cant find anything on this.. please help?!

SO, I looked in my book, the internet and asked my sis… nothin is helping me. I failed this class last year and dont wanna fail it again.. please help me! please!

government powers under the articles of confederation were limited because.. ?

  1. The british government suggested it…

  2. coloial leaders feared that a strong national government would threaten the states and the people…

  3. The states had few coltural, economic, and geographic differances, so a strong national government was unnescessary…

  4. By weakening national power, war with great brition might be avoided…

Answer #1

The Answer Is 2

When I Was In School They Said If We Couldnt Figure A Question Out To Just Guess The Answere, But First Read Over Them All Very Carefully

Answer #2

#2 The central government also had no power to print money, raise an army, or enforce laws. It had to depend on the individual states to cooperatively do these and other things. Yah right!

Answer #3

The answer is #2 Later the Constitution was devised to protect citizens from big government but the people in government want it the other way around so they are protected from the wishes of the citizens.

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