Presidents Questions...So confusing please help

Hey I’m having some trouble with my homework…[social studies] Can someone just tell me How many four year terms can a president serve? and also In 1951 an amendment to the Constitution set a limit on the number of terms a president may serve. Find out why this amendment was passed. Hint-FDR. Can you tell me why this amendment was passed?? thanks so muchh =]

Answer #1

A President in the US is allowed to serve two 4 year terms.

I dont know the actual answer for your second question, but I am going to assume this;

FDR is the only president to ever have served more than 2 four year terms. He served 3 I believe.

Answer #2

Since the 22nd ammendment was ratified in 1951, a president can only be elected twice and may serve up to 10 years . If a president dies in office with less than 2 years left in the term, then the VP can be elected 2 more times. If he dies with more than 2 years left, the VP can only be elected one more time. It was introduced by the republican 80th Congress who were worried after FDR that a president could wind up serving for life, and would become too powerful. FDR was elected 4 times, and served for a little over 12 years before he died. He was the only president to serve more than 8 years.

Answer #3

jimahl, you are correct and very nice to do this young person’s homework. :)

Answer #4

Utopia, I was a constitution geek as a kid. In high school I was on a constitution debating team.

Answer #5

That explains quite a bit.

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