How do I get my parents to let me keep a mouse as a pet?

I’ve been asking for a mouse and/or a rat as a pet for quite some time now. But it’s very hard to convince my parents that they’re not bad pets. I love animals, and I don’t get freaked out by rodents like a lot of other people do.

How can I get one?

Answer #1

It’s your parents decision what to allow / not to allow in the household - ask and find out why they object and see what type of pet would be acceptable…Good luck !!

Answer #2

Get a Rat hun, I have eight of them. Rat are extemely intelligent, the colors/and or markings do not depeding on the personality. The only diffrence is male and female. Males are more lazy, females, are not. My rats all use a litter box, and go on a harness. Each know tricks, and are very social. I had mice, they are just…there…to me. They are not likes pets, like Rats, that show affection, as would a dog or cat.

Answer #3

Mice a pee every second, they smell like basmati rice :-)they don’t seem to engage with humans, so are boring. White mice tend to get enormous tumours which rupture- very disturbing! Rats are very mischeivious and chew EVERYTHING. The black and white ones are very affectionate, comical and personable, the albinos tend to be more nervous and solitary. They dont like to be in a cage- even a big one, so you’ll want to get them out all the time as you love animals. Then your whole room gets peed and pooped on. You will need a crate full of carpet or wood flooring cleaner to which you would add some disinfectant for cleaning every few days. When the kids were at home we had rats they lived for 4 years, it was a lovely and unmissable experience, to learn about the beings called rats, but so glad its over- all that cleaning, cleaning, cleaning- and still the smell! I hope you can get some rats when you leave home if your parents dont want them around in their house.

Answer #4

Well you can bag your parents again and again until they lets you. Or you can ask for your friend to give you one, if its a gift, or someboy gave you things, your parents will appriccieated<- I cant spell that word.

Answer #5

get your parents as much information you can from the local shelters, rat fancier groups etc and then give the information to your parents also look up how to take care of them what they need how much it costs if they get sick etc. if your parents see how time and effort you are putting into it they may just change there minds it makes you look like and act like a responsible pet owner and always look to shelters first there are so many pets that need good homes. good luck

Answer #6

Why dont you tell them that you’ll keep it in the shed or garage so they will hardly notice it and tell them that you will clean its cage everyday and maybe tell them that it will teach you responsibility and it will keep you off the computer/X-box. Maybe you could also suggest doing the dishes every night for a few weeks and basically crawling, lol. Im sure once they see how much this means to you they might cave in. good luck buddy !!

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