Why does my back hurt if I've always had GREAT posture?

I’m always sitting up straight and i’m so “proper” with everything, but i’ve been realizing that after a while, my back begins to hurt- why is this?

Answer #1

its actuallt not good for ur back to hav perfect posture - weriod i kno.

Answer #2

Do you exercise enough to streghten your body? Because even if you have great posture, you still need strong muscles to help keep up the great posture. It’s tough having good posture without strong back and ESPECIALLY strong stomach muscles.

Answer #3

well how often to you interact sexualy thats a huge casue in back problems and by looking at your picture i would say about 2 times a day YOU W H O R E

Answer #4

lower back pain can be caused by a lot of other causes, if it is significant enough and you are experiencing pain on a regular basis, have it checked out by a physician. a doctor with you in front of her (or him) will be best to answer your question. possible causes will range from something very mundane and ordinary to things more serious and dangerous. i would consult with your family doctor.

Answer #5

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Answer #6

Most doctors don’t know much about back pain, unless it’s something skeletal that shows up in an x-ray. Most back pain comes from soft tissue problems (muscles, etc.), and doctors usually can’t do much besides prescribe pain-killers. But there are other kinds of health-care professionals who might be more able to help you: chiropractors, physical therapists, people who work with the Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais Method, or even massage therapists.

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