why does my back always hurt?

it always feels tight and in pain. i have no one to rub it for me and idk how to stop it from hurting…

Answer #1

go to the doctor…

Answer #2

Hmmmm, considering you are over 89 years old as per your profile age, I think it’s old age :P Retirement home for you madam :)

Answer #3

Take a hot epsome salt bath and some anti inflammatorys.

Answer #4

im 16 lol

Answer #5

Hehe, yeah didn’t really think you were 89, my nans and pops are all over 60s and they are not very cyber bright and use abbreviations like “IDK’.

Answer #6

hahaha yeah same with mine! she cnt even figure out aim let alone stuff like this

Answer #7

the first thing you need to do is know the reason why the back pain is happening,you are doing something which is hurting your back?like sitting for a long time (not properly)or lifting heavy objects…do not ignore this pain because it can be anything.apply ice pack on your back or use relaxation tape first.if its getting worst you can take pain killer which is not harmful,doctors always recommend to take pain kier when there is actual pain and if its proper dose.if it still not getting better you should see the DOCTOR definitely.remember if you are planning to massage it by your friend,do it gently…

Answer #8


Answer #9

you are getting old.

Answer #10

1)Poor Posture leads to back ache. You got to correct your sitting and standing postures. Sit and stand up straight dont hunch. Do not sit or stand for too long. 2) Stressful living condition may also lead to back ache. This may exacerbate the symptoms of back pain. My advice to you is, if the pain did not subside, you have to go see a doctor.

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