Do you think it would be fair for someone between the ages of 14 and 18 to have a babysitter, because they are immature?

For example: A mother has a teenager, between the age of 14 and 18. She feels they aren’t mature…so while she is at work, or whatever…she has a babysitter watch them, and they are not allowed to stay at home by themselves.

Do you think it’s right for a teenager of that age to have to have a babysitter?

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s right, but a teen should be mature enough to stay at home by themselves.. I think a mother who would do that is just insecure, and needs to let go a little, before her kids rebel.

Answer #2

I think itt would cause problems maybe because they are at that age where they are moody and they will fight you to get what they want.I think there could be another solution talked out besides these matters.And if that didn’t work she would have to get somebody in to talk to her like if her daughter was commiting crimes.But no I don’t like see that lol i’ve never heard of it but i guess some people do it.To each is own.

Answer #3

Fair is not really the point. The parent wants someone to make sure things are ok. What’s the big deal?

Answer #4

Don’t you think a ‘babysitter’ for that age is a little extreme? I mean…age 14, I could understand…but 17 to 18? I find it a bit ridiculous. :/ I know if my mother made me have a babysitter at my age, I wouldn’t like it at all.

Answer #5

I think it’s more of a trust issue more than maturity.

Answer #6

i dont think its right maybe they just dont trust the teen and using imaturity as an excuse

Answer #7

definitely not. that’s so offensive, and if your kid can’t take care of themself by the time they’re in highschool you did a bad job at parenting. i understand if the kid is slow mentally or something, but otherwise no.

Answer #8

If my 17 year old can’t be trusted to be left home alone without doing something illegal, irresponsible, or damaging the house in some way, then you can bet I’d have someone there to look after things while I’m gone. What if my 17 year old decided to get drunk while I was gone, and ended up with alcohol poisoning? Would I not be viewed as an unreliable parent for allowing it to happen, knowing that my teen was irresponsible and might do this sort of thing? Just because you get older, doesn’t mean you become more responsible by default. There are some adults I wouldn’t leave alone in my house.

Answer #9

My mother wouldn’t leave me alone in the house at 17 (of course we had maids, not babysitters which was a little different, and her reasoning was safety). Which made no sense since I graduated at 16 and was living many thousands of miles away and my house is about as heavily as secured as the American Ambassador’s house. Parents don’t always make sense. It bothered me back then. I grew up. I realized it makes no difference. If it makes her feel better to have someone around, who cares?

Answer #10

i say no because there old to take care of there owe self only newborn babys to 10 should be babysitter

Answer #11

Absolutely not. Most 10-13-year-olds and even some older teenagers will sneak out or invite people over. If they can’t be trusted and the parent has actual reason to leave them with a sitter, then so be it.

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