What type of blood do demons drink???

So what type of blood can demons drinks like can they drink humans blood or is it just demons blood or is it both lol I dono so please help me thx ^ ^

Answer #1

Blood of Vampire bats and thick and black “zombie Oil”(blood of zombies which stinks like rotten fish and is slimy)

Answer #2

I herd they like 15yo girls blood that live in australia lol

spose it depends on the demon… vampires like all blood but prefer human

Answer #3

lol, clawjaw

Well, from my understanding, you’re writing a book about demons and such so you want to know what they eat and what type of blood they would thirst for, right? I say, it’s your story, it’s your rules. Make your demons eat and drink whatever you think they should. Have you ever heard of sparkling vampires mentioned in any other book before Twilight?! That’s how Stephenie Meyer envisioned her vampires, so I imagine you can portray your demons any way that you want to.

Answer #4

Demons don’t exist.

Answer #5

I believe they prefer O positive.

Answer #6

any kind they want depends on the demon

Answer #7

Deamons dont drink blood they eat souls and leave behind emptyness

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