How do teeth bands work, and is orthofill a trustworthy site?

I've been trying to find an easy way to shut my gap in my teeth without braces. I went on recently and found these bands that help small gaps close fast. My teeth are perfectly fine their straight and everything its just that I have a gap in my teeth so I need an easy fix. Does anyone know if orthofill is trustable or do the bands even work for small gaps?

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At your age, your PARENTS are the ones putting in their credit card info, not you...if THEY can't figure out if it's trustworthy or not, they will take you to the dentist :)

And, if it was recommended by a dentist, I'm sure it's OK.

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Hello, You can buy them on Ebay for £10 per packet at the moment.

My mum purchased some teeth bands for the gap in her front teeth. I had a 5mm gap in my front teeth and decided to try the bands seeing as she had bought them.

I was very sceptical, Ive had this gap ever since I was a small child and thought I would never get rid of it! Well here I am 3 months later with a gap only 2mm now :)

When you first use the bands they hurt like hell for a week or so. I found it hard to bite into food and I nearly gave up a couple of times it was so painful on a couple of days. But after 3 weeks my teeth had already moved 1mm. So I kept at it. I cant beleive theyve worked to be honest I thought it was a load of hocus pocus.

Teeth do move back quite quickly though. My band came off when I was asleep the other night and by the time I woke up in the morning my 5mm gap was back.

Once you have the gap to the size you want it you can ask an orthodontist to attach wire to the back of your front teeth to stop them pulling apart again.

These bands have changed my life. I have self esteem and dont worry so much about people looking at my teeth because the 2mm gap barely notices. My friends lept telling me to get braces but I cant afford it so these teeth bands were brilliant.
Im sure I can get rid of the gap completely if I keep at it.
I wear the bands 24 hours a day and always keep a spare bag in my coat pocket as I use about 2 bands per day on average.

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