Is this site is trustworthy to buy needles off of?
Do u thin it would be stupid to buy piercing needles online and from this place?

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I wouldn' safe and buy from a place your more familiar with..

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id rather inject my insulin up where the sun dont shine.

your not stupid so dont act it.

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I dunno. I've never seen that place.
I get my needles from

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The only reason i was thinking it could be alright, is becuse when i typed into google "buy piercing needles" it came up with that site like 3rd... loads of people have suggested using painfulpleasures,com but it wont load.

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I looked at this website here, and apparently, it's trustworthy. It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars. That link also has multiple places to buy piercing needles from.

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