Is there any way to get a male cat to stop spraying?

i dont want to loose my cat but if i cant get him to stop spraying we have to give him away.

Answer #1

Usually when you get a male cat fixed he will stop spraying, but if that doesn’t work you will have to make sure that every area he has sprayed has been completely wiped down with vinegar or bleach. A good way to finf out what has been sprayed is to turn off the lights and run a small black light over the floor and furniture. Any area that has been sprayed will show up.

Answer #2

Get him neutered he wont do it often then thats what i did. (:

Answer #3

alright thank you very much

Answer #4

You need to get him fixed and then you should go to a pet store and get a specially made product that takes out the smell of cat urine. Most normal cleaner will not actually remove the smell and the cat will still be able to smell it and may continue to do it even after being fixed. Not all cats stop spraying even after being fixed, it is important to make sure all smell is gone from the house so not to provoke a reoccurrance. If he still continues spraying after he is fixed you could make him an indoor/outdoor cat, then he will spray outside instead.

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