What are your thoughts on the "non prescription over the counter" reading glasses?

Do you think they can harm the eyes If a person just relies on them for reading even though it's not the correct prescription?

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I use reading glasses all the time and also have a prescription pair. Which reminds me I'm overdue for an eye exam...LOL I don't think it would be harmful, unless your eyes are still straining, when you use them.

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They will not cause any long term eye problems. If you don't see well enough with them you could experience some eye strain. At 46 you are probably starting to have presbyopia which is a reduction in your eye's accommodation or ability to focus. Even people with excellent vision who never needed glasses usually start to have trouble reading and seeing close up at some point between 40 and 50.
If you see well enough with dime store readers they are probably ok for now anyway.
My wife relied on dime store readers for years. I finally convinced her to try prescription reading glasses and she does see better with them, We order her prescription reading glasses online and they aren't much more expensive than non-prescription readers. I usually order her a half dozen pair at a time since she looses them every now and then plus this way she can get several styles,

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I think a non-prescription glass that isn't too strong is fine for people to purchase over the counter. Some of these glasses are really magnifying "glasses" so I do not see any harm purchasing these. Of course, if someone has very severe sights, either long or short issues when reading or for driving, I’m sure buying these non-prescription glasses over the counter is not going to do the job anyway, that is they wont be able to see properly…..Some people might just need the glasses for reading or sitting behind their computer and do not really need prescription glasses as a daily every day wear, so being able to purchase them over the counter would save them a lot of money.

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Right on. I use the 1.25's (weakest strength I think) I have a pair at work, one in my truck, one in my shop and one in the house. They work fine, it's when I take them off that things can be blurry for a bit if I've had em on for 15-20 min. or so. I don't need em right now, just for finer print Let me re-phrase; I'm getting by without right now, but itching to grab em.

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Have you had an eye checkup? One thing I'd mention is trying progressive (aka no-line bifocals) lenses. You see, adapting to progressive lenses can be a challenge. It takes a while for your brain to learn how to use them. Now that you only need +1.25 for near vision progressives should be easy to adapt to since the amount of add is small and as your doctor increases the add as your presbyopia worsens than each time you will only need to adapt to a small change. If you wait until you need a lot of near vision add adapting to PALs may be difficult. That's my doctor's philosophy anyway.

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