How to keep a ponytail straight?

I like to push my hair back and put it in a high ponytail..but it never stays straight for always curves out at the end and its really annoying..would putting a bit of serum in it help? Or is there any other tricks I can try..

Answer #1

Maybe try putting hair mousse over it after you straighten it?

Answer #2

I do that though I straighten it all the time but it just wont stay straight..and I have a ghd

Answer #3

I’d suggest straightening your hair where you want it straightened then spray it with some hairspray. But make sure you spray the hairspray at least about 12 inches from your hair. That way so it won’t get crispy or anything

Answer #4

if you mean by a flick of your hair at the bottom of the ponytail, I get this too. what I normally do is just straighten it, and curl it the opposite way… or sometimes straighten it and hold it straight for a few seconds, hairspray might work but might make your hair feel abit crispy well, that weird texture hairspray can make you hair feel sometimes, but normally straightening does the trick for me :) xoxo

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